Real Estate Property in Malta

Real Estate Property in Malta

With an economy touted as being one of the best performing in Europe and a surplus of 1.3%, Malta is seeing growth in a number of markets. Business owners attracted by the company’s tax benefits, make their base on the island, opening companies employing hundreds of people, or merely starting out on a new business venture backed by foreign capital. This drive in the economy has boosted markets indirectly related with the setting up and formation of so many new companies.

Chief of which, the real estate market.

With an influx of expats working in gaming and fintech companies, attracted not only by the salaries but also by the Mediterranean lifestyle, real estate is stretched thin. With such a diverse demand and a rather limited supply, individuals newly arrived in Malta may find it difficult to land a residence they are happy with, but which also fits their budget. TACS can help you find your new Mediterranean home, as we partner up with the best real estate agents on the market to guarantee top listings for you to browse through.

Whether you are looking to invest in property in Malta, in the hope of making a profit from it in the long run, or whether you wish to rent an affordable accommodation, we can provide you with expert advice and tailored solutions.

Government schemes aimed at helping first-time buyers by waiving stamp duty from a fixed initial amount, have found resounding success amongst buyers, while second-time buyers can also benefit from a similar scheme on their second property. Special Designated Areas have been designed with the business owner who craves luxury in mind, with areas such as Tigne Point and Pender Gardens amongst those most sought after for amenities such as pools and gyms reached from the comfort of their neighbourhood.

The renting option is still a very popular one, with areas of interest peaking in prices in the last months, while other less sought after but upcoming areas offering a diverse pricing range.

We do not feel you should compromise on the residence you will call home. It is a place of comfort, where you unwind after a day’s work and spend time with family and friends, and as such it needs to fit the right set of requirements. Talk to us of your needs. We’ll connect you to the real estate experts on the market.

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