Accounting is perhaps one of the most crucial steps in ensuring successful longevity in any company. Indeed, mismanaged accounts and bookkeeping may lead to a number of pitfalls; poor budgeting, lack of cash flow, discredit with partners and clients alike and last of all, fines and penalties if compliance and due dates are not adhered to. In most cases however, unless the company is managed by accountants who know its worth, this department is usually the one which gives founders most trouble, as it requires strict documentation and timely reports kept.

This is one of the many reasons why TACS offers the full spectrum of accounting and bookkeeping services, tailored to your specific needs. We appreciate the fact that what a small business company needs may not be the same as an iGaming listed entity and we strive to provide excellence in both occasions.

Let us help you run your business as smoothly and as efficiently as possible, by keeping a watchful eye over your accounts and going into minute details to make sure your business operates in full compliance with the Maltese law. In such a dynamic jurisdiction, we are always on top of the game, able to communicate relevant industry news to you as they happen.

As soon as a team of accountants is assigned to you, we review your accounting process including documentation, invoicing and bookkeeping, optimizing where and if necessary. We will also take care of your VAT returns, listing documents needed for our team to be able to execute a thorough service with the least hindrance from our end. Our expert team of accountants can also handle Financial Statements, and they will get in touch with you a few months prior to submission.

While we recognise reporting on previous budgets to be key in an efficient organisation, we can also help you draw up Forecast Accounts. This is done through the interpretation of and assistance in reading the information from past accounts. This, coupled with our advice for upcoming financial decisions, can help you build a stable foundation for the future of your business. A number of our clients also need regular assistance on managing their accounts. The team at TACS is well-equipped to support you all year-round with updates on the performance of your business.

Our portfolio of services also includes assistance with auditing; with expert guidance from initial bookkeeping stages to submission of Financial Statements, your auditing.