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Malta has long since been recognised as a start-up hub, an incubator-island that provides an ideal platform and audience size to launch a new idea on the market. However, having the right context and reception is usually not enough. To take flight successfully, a business idea needs to be thoroughly researched, analysed and planned strategically. While the majority of ventures attempt to do this, it is very often misguided and lacking in the proper insights. Consequently, the business model built will fail to take into consideration a number of scenarios, the goals set are unrealistic and the business risks failing before it has even taken flight.


More often than not, this is all due to inexperience – and that is where we at TACS Malta come in. Drawing on our studies, particularly a Masters in Knowledge-Based Entrepreneurship specialising on drawing up business plans for start ups, our team is headed by the ideal candidate to guide you, whether you’re a start-up looking to have solid foundations, or whether you’re an established enterprise expanding into different verticals. Having been involved in drawing up a prospectus for bonds for property companies, our experience is the right leverage to see your plan to fruition.


Our dedicated team will start with a feasibility study, identifying the market or lack thereof, providing fresh solutions that may mitigate any gaps in your planning. Following this report, we start building a business model that will enhance your probability for success, taking into consideration a number of scenarios while helping you secure funding for your venture. Funding can take many forms, including bank funding, EU grants, external investments and others monetary sources. We will help you attract these through our proposal of a watertight business plan, as well a well-thought out strategic road map for your company and the product you’re pitching to the market.  TACS Malta can also offer invaluable support to help you obtain a government grant for our consultancy on the drawing up of said plans and studies, with funds which can reach to up to €4,000 and part-financing up to 80% of eligible expenditure. Finally, our team will also help you with setting up achievable goals that will match your vision for this venture.


Our work does not stop there however. With the array of services on offer, Malta can guide you through your growth stages, assisting you every step of the way. From concept birth, to funding, to continuous growth, we are here to see your business succeed and grow. Talk to us.

On Time Service.

At TACS Malta, our aim is to provide solutions to individuals and small to medium-sized businesses in a timely, effective manner.

A Team of Professionals.

At TACS Malta, as a family-run business, we will provide our clients’ with a personal and empathetic service.

Business Information

TACS Malta is a family firm with an entrepreneurial approach. Our aim is to provide solutions to individuals and small to medium-sized businesses in a timely, effective manner. We can assist both established firms with innovative solutions, as well as those embarking on setting up a new business in Malta. As a family-run business, we understand our clients’ need for a personal and empathetic service; qualities especially appreciated by high net worth individuals who are exploring the opportunity to relocate to Malta with their families.

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