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Malta, with its sunny days all year round, excellent healthcare and cultural wealth, is an attractive island to stay and live in. Its blend of modern and historical makes it a unique spot that many travellers return to often, with a view to some day purchase their own property. Following Malta’s property boom when the rest of Europe saw falling property prices, only increased its appeal, as people flocked from all over the globe to one of the best performing euro zone countries. Property types on the island range from simple but spacious apartments, maisonettes, townhouses, villas, bungalows and houses of character, with features to suit every traveller’s needs. Whether you decide to reside in the property you purchase or whether you only return to it in the months which best suit you, we can help you with all your property needs.


Our team of property consultants, lawyers and tax specialists can assist you with managing your real estate when you are abroad, taking a holistic approach to the running and maintenance of your property. These services are fully comprehensive and include everything, from taking care of leasing and rent, checking upon the property, reporting on damages and fixes, co-ordinating with turnkey contractors for works to be carried out, handling all bills and expenses as well as cleaning of the premises. We can offer a tailor-made proposal which suits your property needs, while being your eyes on the island when you are away. Here at TACS Malta we value the need to ensure that a safe home awaits your return and we endeavour to make it so, keeping the cogs turning so you can fit back in, seamlessly.


TACS Malta can also help you deal with legal and tax matters that concern the property, with expertise in all these areas to guarantee an optimum service throughout. Should you wish, our team can provide counselling on property acquisition, working hand-in-hand with banks, notaries and architects to guide you through the process efficiently. Our expertise ranges across the property board, with a portfolio that includes both residential and commercial property handling.


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On Time Service.

At TACS Malta, our aim is to provide solutions to individuals and small to medium-sized businesses in a timely, effective manner.

A Team of Professionals.

At TACS Malta, as a family-run business, we will provide our clients’ with a personal and empathetic service.

Business Information

TACS Malta is a family firm with an entrepreneurial approach. Our aim is to provide solutions to individuals and small to medium-sized businesses in a timely, effective manner. We can assist both established firms with innovative solutions, as well as those embarking on setting up a new business in Malta. As a family-run business, we understand our clients’ need for a personal and empathetic service; qualities especially appreciated by high net worth individuals who are exploring the opportunity to relocate to Malta with their families.

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